Online 2006 CPT Exam for 4 AAPC CEU Credits

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Please read the material and work the module tests before attempting to answer this section. You may want to print either this exam or the tests and return to the material to find the answers. Some answers are in Links. Enter in the correct answer the box on the left and press TAB. Do NOT leave any answer Blank. All questions are taken directly from the eight 2006 CPT  Tests. Note that tests 7 and 8 cover all modules.

1 What does the acronym SVR mean? 
2 Allogenic skin is made from _______ ; xenograft skin is made from __________. 
3 Code for an open I & D of a lumbosacral deep abscess. 
4 Code for the Balloon Dilatation of Intracranial Vasospasm, Percutaneous of three Vessels.
5  What is the creation of J-pouch and what new proctectomy code is used to report it?
6 Code for the stereoscopic X-ray guidance for localization of target volume for the delivery of radiation therapy. 
7 Report the two new 2006 blood bank codes: 
8 Code for three samples for a pathology consultation during surgery; cytologic examination, initial site.   
9 What is stool guaiac?
10 What is the difference between a prosthetic and an orthotic?
11 What does code 92630 represent?"  
12 What was the problem with codes 92569 and 92568 that was corrected in 2006?
13 Under Medicare guidelines, E & M services cannot be reported with infusion codes. True/False
14 Code for 2 hours of amphotericin infusion. 
15 Report the 2005 CPT, 2005 Medicare G code and the 2006 CPT code for therapeutic or diagnostic injection.
16 What E & M codes were deleted in 2006? 
17 Why was the new "Other Nursing Facility Care" code added in 2006?
18 Code for the administration of a blood transfusion, 3 hours.
19 Code for the laparascopic removal of an adjustable gastric band component.   
20 What does the lab CCP stand for, what is the code and what is it used for? 
21 What codes replace injection codes 90784 and 90788?
22 Name the disease that is a common cause of  motility disorder of the stomach and intestines. 
23 How much does the Medicare Division of HealthNow (NYC) pay on code 88384?
24 How do you report less than 11 probes?
25 About how long did it take you to work this module ?

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