Online 2006 ICD-9 Exam for 3 AAPC CEU Credit

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1 Patient is seen for a chemotherapy treatment who has metastatic cancer of the brain from the lungs. What diagnosis code(s) should be reported? 
2 Malignant hypertensive nephropathy with uremia.
3 Code for a Pregnancy examination or test, positive result.
4 Code for an egg (oocyte) (ovum) donor, under age 35,anonymous recipient
5 Code for a family history of osteoporosis.
6 Code for a History of fall:
7 Code for Peri-prosthetic osteolysis
8 Meconium is the:
9 Code for multiple gestation following (elective) fetal reduction:
10 The KDOQI stages of kidney disease mean:
11 Mesentery relates to the:
12 Retroperitoneal abscess can be: 
13 Code for an abscess of one of the muscles of the lower back (the loin). There are two of these muscles on each side of the back One is major and the other minor.
14 In 2006, the edentulism codes, are divided into ____ categories and range from:
15 Long QT syndrome is ____ and it _____.
16 What three codes are used to report polysomnography?
17 Circadian rhythm sleep disorder, jet lag type: 
18 Circadian rhythm is: 
19 Hypersomnia is: 
20 307.42 Persistent disorder of initiating or maintaining sleep is what type of disorder?
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