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7204 Deventer Cove Memphis TN 38133.
(901) 517-1705

Ultimate Compendium for Primary Care Manual
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Quick Facts

Quick Facts: Coding and Billing Manual for Primary Care

Official Book Title: The Ultimate Compendium of Coding, Billing, and Documentation Advice for Primary Care.

Available from

Author: Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA

Pages: 200+     Price: $225      Specialty: Primary Care, Family Practice, General Medicine, Internal Medicine

Suitable for coders, billers, providers, and managers.

Updated every year.

This manual includes the following break-out tips:

·   30 Coding and Billing Tips

·   21 Real World Scenarios and Tips

·   72 Gotchas (exceptions to the rules)

·   70 Coding and Billing Notes

·   30 Gray areas (advanced areas where coders disagree)

·   30 Only Heard Here! (unique tips and scenarios)

·   14 Common Questions and Answers

·   78 Why Do I Care notes (what’s in it for me?)

·   20 Revenue-Enhancing Tip$ !

These break-outs, alone, could make you thousands more per month. They can be reviewed in about two hours.

Why Do I Care?

·         This book is not your typical “dry” rehash of coding and billing information found in the CPT and Medicare manuals. It is the product of 25-years of teaching coding and billing.

·         If you want to be in the top 10% of earners, this book is a “must-have.”

·         Increase the efficiency of your staff improve your medical coding and billing.

·         If you work the front-office, code or bill, increase your value to your employer. Earn top dollar!

·         Suitable for any level, beginner to advanced.

·         Work smarter, not harder–earn more per patient.

·         This book is affordable, convenient and will save Primary Care professionals many hours of aggravation working with medical claims and insurance carriers.

·         It would take weeks to learn this information any other way.  How much is your time worth?

·         You don't know what you don't know! You can’t learn the answer if you don’t know the question.

·         Money-Back Guarantee! No questions asked (simply return the manual for a full-refund.)

This manual:

·         Includes 100 key coding, billing, and documentation concepts (every coder, biller, and provider must know.)

·         Includes 110 multiple-choice coding and billing questions with answers to reinforce learning.

·         Includes coding and billing advice for Primary Care by a certified coder and auditor.

·         Updated every year.

·         Additional information with the Table of Contents and sample pages is available on our website.

This manual does not provide comprehensive ICD-10 training (It does include 2019 updates). That would require a separate manual. We do have ICD-10 training available from Ritecode.

About the Author: A resident of Memphis, TN, Jeff has over 25 years of experience teaching coding and billing and has conducted over 10,000 chart audits. Since 1999, Jeff has taught well over 365 live coding and billing seminars plus helped over 1,000 students prepare for coding certification exams. He has worked with numerous clinics and hospitals nationwide.

Contact Information:

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA
7204 Deventer Cove
Memphis TN 38018 |
(901) 517-1705

Manual Sections

  1. The Very Basics

  2. 60 Key Coding Concepts (with 40 more throughout the manual)

  3. Office Visits

  4. Revenue Cycle

  5. ICD-10 (new codes for 2019 and highlights).

  6. More on HCPCS and Modifiers

  7. Optimizing Compliance

  8. Maximizing Revenue

  9. Additional Information

  10. Index    7204 Deventer Cove      Memphis  TN  38133
(901) 517-1705      E-mail:
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