The Ritecode service is personalized, customized, service for your practice and specialty.  With the expansion of codes in ICD-10 it is very difficult to create a usable ICD-10 code list on even two full pages. Decisions have to be made. The first question is do you want to code to the highest level of specificity and properly report codes using ICD-10 guidelines? If the answer is yes, we can help.

To begin, order the service and send us a list of either your top 200 ICD-9 codes or the codes from your current fee ticket in a either text or Excel spreadsheet format. Be sure to set the Excel SS as text so the ICD-9 codes do not truncate the final zero. We provide multiple options:

  1. A customized ICD-10 code list with approximately 150 codes (3 columns of 50) per page.
  2. One or two page option (can be any length)
  3. Your list of codes and names
  4. Updated disease or condition descriptions
  5. Fix any current ICD-9 errors
  6. Fix all vague descriptions/unspecific ICD-9 codes
  7. Optional optional removal of unspecific disease codes.
  8. Add in required or missing diseases/codes
  9. Expand to all relevant ICD-10 codes
  10. Options for listing laterality, occurrence codes, and glaucoma stage codes.
  11. Options for listing diabetes codes (well over 100)
  12. Option for printing wildcards and a 6th & 7th digit legend.
  13. Up to 4 hours of conference calls/webinars with the doctors and staff.
  14. Audit of up to 12 encounters for documentation errors/improvements.
  15. Options for proper injury coding: sequela (late effects), injury (S and T codes), Place of Injury (W and Y codes).
  16. Hundreds of alternative, common names for conditions not found in the ICD-10 manual.
  17. Expert advice on codes that do not have an ICD-10  crosswalk.
  18. Access to the Ritecode expert staff.
  19. Peace of Mind. Take advantage of our expertise and economies of scale. We will perform hundreds of conversions in the next 12 months. We can do it faster, better, and less expensively than you could do it yourself. We go to all the bother and reinvent the wheel?

Our introductory fee for the custom conversion service above is $1800.

If you have any questions contact us at