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Jeffrey P. Restuccio lives in Memphis Tennessee and is the author of Get Fit Through Gardening (2008)  and Fitness the Dynamic Gardening Way (1992). Jeff is a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has had a keen interest in health and wellness his entire life. 

In 1987 he founded the Mid South Organic Network (MIDSON), a volunteer association dedicated to promoting the benefits of organic gardening.  Jeff tested new plant varieties for Organic Gardening magazine from 1989  to 2000.

Since 1992, Jeff has been promoting his unique style of gardening as a complement to traditional exercise and sport as a means to fitness. Jeff's unique raking and hoeing stance, called the Stance, borrows from the martial arts, horse or middle stance to transfer power to the legs and torso, minimizing strain on your back, shoulders and arms. The "lunge and weed" is another unique approach that eliminates the stooping and bending over so common with gardeners. Combine these new motions with an emphasis on the aerobic model, stretching both before and after gardening, and changing stance and positions often (every 3 - 5 minutes) and Jeff has created something new yet familiar. Once you see how Jeff gardens, you'll realize why he never uses the word "chore" or "work" while gardening. It's now exercise -- and a great one at that.

Beyond the motions, Jeff's viewpoint on how the poor design of the majority of garden tools will be a real eye opener. His favorite tools include the A.M. Leonard forged handy weeder and the Hearthoe. These tools are uniquely designed to be used with the very specific motions and techniques he promotes.

His articles on gardening and fitness have appeared in Flower & Garden ,Better Homes and Gardens, Diabetes Forecast and Cooking Light magazines. Jeff has appeared on dozens of radio talk shows, as well as the Crook and Chase show and on the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.

Jeff is a dynamic speaker and  always willing to engage an audience with his gardening techniques which transform traditional gardening into a comprehensive fitness program. (aka "Aerobic Gardening").

Jeff is available for public appearances. He can be contacted at the numbers below.

For more information, my books, Get Fit Through Gardening (2008) and Fitness the Dynamic Gardening Way, are available!



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