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Online Coding Modules Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   |   

  1. What Manuals do I need?
  2. Can I study Anytime?
  3. How do I access the course?
  4. Printing Lessons
  5. I'm a beginner
  6. I'm a hospital coder
  7. Medicare & Billing
  8. Why is the course so inexpensive?
  9. Payment Plans?
  10. Does the price include the certification exam?

Q: Do I need to purchase any other manuals for this course?

For the Prep Course and any CPT module, you will need a current year CPT Manual. For the ICD-9 course and the complete Prep Course you will need a current year ICD-9 manual. For the Prep Course it is also recommended to have a HCPCS manual as well. the module on HCPCS is short, and you might want to borrow a manual if you are not currently working in a medical office.


Q: Can you study online anytime or are there fixed class times?

A: You can study anytime, 7 days a week, twenty-four hours a day. The course is "study at your own pace" and we recommend studying about 1 to 2 hours at a time. There are no "classes to attend." Standard duration is 180 days for each module. Sometimes there are "summer specials" with an automatic extension (worth $99) of an additional six-months.

Q: How does one access the coding and billing modules?

A: Access with any internet connection. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Recommended browser is Microsoft Explorer 4.0 or higher. You will be sent a link to the course or module. There is no link on to the online coding courses.

Q: Can I print lessons? 

A: Yes, you can print any lesson, Operative Report or Test  you wish.

Q: I'm a beginner coder. Should I take your course?

A: Yes. We cover basic, intermediate and advanced coding in this course. Just allow yourself a full six-months. You also might want to consider any of the Introductory Courses we offer for $12 such as the Insurance and Billing Module. Note that Billing and Insurance questions are NOT on the CPC coding certification exam. (There are billing questions are the CPC-H and some basic questions on the CCS and CCS-P.)

Q: I'm a hospital Inpatient Coder. Should I take your course?

A: Our course prepares you for the CPC or CSS-P coding exam. It covers ICD-9, CPT and HCPCS for physician coding (CMS-1500). The inpatient Module covers DRG's, facility (UB-92) coding, APC's and other inpatient-related topics.

Q: Does this course cover Medicare guidelines and Billing? 

A: Historically, there have not been Medicare or billing questions on the coding certification exams. We have taught Medicare seminars but there are only limited Medicare guidelines on the course. (We could add a module if you have enough students.)

Q: Why is your online course so much less than the AAPC ($1,100 or AHIMA ($2,000) versions

A: First is we do all our own work, both developing the content from our medical coding consulting business and developing the web site.  The site was developed by medical coders and is updated by medical coders.

Second: we focus on creating the very best content rather than hiring a staff of programmers who don't know anything about coding.

Third, our students include both corporate clients as well as single mothers getting back into the job market. The cost economies of the internet allow us to make a fair profit and offer affordable training to everyone.

Q: I'm not sure about spending $499 for the complete Prep course. What do you recommend?

A: Order the Basic Medical Terminology, Intro to Billing and Coding, Coding Concepts or a group of 12 Op Reports. They are all only $12 each. If you order the complete Prep course within 30 days, we will subtract the cost of the first course. The Prep course is also available in 23 payments of $34 or 3 payments of $200. So we have several convenient payment plans.  See our  Payment Plans Link  on our storefron for more information.

Q: Does this include the Coding Certification Exam?

A: The price of the coding certification exam IS NOT included with our Prep course. You will need to contact the following associations:

Certification Information:
AAPC (800-626-CODE)
Certified Professional Coder (CPC) or CPC-H

AHIMA (312)-233-1100
Certified Coding Specialist - Physician (CCS-P) or CCS

Ritecode Inc. /  (and this course) are not affiliated with AAPC or AHIMA.


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