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Navigation within this course is fairly simple. Modules include the following:

1 Objectives  < = click to view Appear at the beginning of each module.
2 Module Text Full color explanations
3 Hyperlinks | Adrenalectomy | EGD Links to the Internet for more information
4 Internet links Throughout the course [ Anatomy Lists ] Most Internet Links Open up a New Window
5 Bottom Frame Definitions, Explanations and  Answers
6 True/False Tests Lots of Tests to increase material retention.
7 Multiple Choice Tests Example Integumentary System
8 Top Frame Course Index, Help, Contact Us always available.
9 Stopwatch Use the Countdown Stopwatch to Time your Tests
10 Quizzes (Electronic Flash Cards Just like old fashioned Flash Cards -- just a lot more fun.
11 Op Reports Actual Surgical Operative Reports - dictated by physicians.
12 Op Reports # of Procedures Use the Number of Keywords hint to help you code.
13 Op Reports - Keywords Use the Keywords hints to show you what to focus on to code the Op Report.
14 Op Reports Explanations The best teaching tool in this Course
15 Op Reports Answers You also can get quick ICD-9 and CPT answers.
16 Bottom Frames Answers and definitions appear in the bottom frame.
17 Printable Documents Insurance and Billing, Inpatient and Certification Prep Course have hundreds of pages of valuable documents.
18 Contact US Contact a Certified Coder at
19 Help - This Menu ! Is available on every page along the Top Frame.
20 Click to Previous Page to Go Back (Note{ the bottom Frame is considered a page.)